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11 Dec 2018

When you are living abroad, but want to shop in UK stores online, there are really only two types of shipping options for you. The first is to pay the shipping costs of the retailer you are purchasing from. So, if you are doing lots of shopping from many different online UK stores, then this means paying the various shipping fees of each retailer and getting all of your purchases sent separately from each store. The second option is to use the services of a package forwarding company. These companies will give you their UK shipping address for free, and all of your purchases from multiple stores will be sent there and shipped to you. These package forwarding companies will charge you either a monthly membership fee of some kind or simply, the shipping costs for them to get all of your packages to you, wherever you are in the world.

Without a doubt, it does appear that using a package forwarding company seems to be the best option for people living abroad shopping UK online stores. Getting each parcel sent through each retailer would not only result in you receiving numerous parcels arriving at different times, but the combined shipping costs from each retailer will add up. Generally, retailers do charge high fees for shipping abroad, so it isn’t a very cost-effective option. That is why many people living abroad are put off of shopping online with their trusted UK shops. However, package forwarding companies now offer a better solution.

A package forwarding company will quite simply give you a UK Delivery Address when you sign up to them as a member. They will differ in whether they ask for a sign-up fee or are free to sign up to, but across the board, the major selling point is that they give you a UK address that you can ask your retailer to send your purchases to. Where these package forwarding companies will vary is in the services, they offer to you once your parcels have been delivered to their warehouse. Some will offer longer periods of time to store your purchases in their warehouse, some will offer personal shoppers who will do the online buying for you, some will consolidate your packages into one box or take photos of your purchases at your request. Obviously, these services may come as chargeable extras or as more expensive premium monthly membership plans.

The important thing to do when you are researching which parcel forwarding service to sign up to is to make sure to read all the details and small prints. It may seem at first glance like it is better to sign up to the free monthly membership plan, but then the extra services may be charged at additional high fees.So, perhaps a premium service and a higher monthly fee could work out better. Whatever you decide, there are plenty of package forwarding options out there for you to choose from.


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