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11 Dec 2018

Have you ever wanted to take advantage of some of the awesome deals you see in the UK and USA? Particularly when it comes to certain times of the year like the January sales, as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can really miss out on some amazing deals when you are living abroad. If you insist on shopping them and buying things from places that aren’t the country you are living in then you can end up incurring very high shipping costs and essentially negating any savings you have made from the deal price of the products you have brought. But this isn’t the only time when you may want to shop from your home market. Often you won’t find the same brand or type of product when you are living in another market. Particularly when it comes to food, companies tailor and change their products to suit the tastes of different places, so you are unlikely going to find a food product as you know it in another country. In this type of situation, you need a service to come to your rescue, and that is where companies offering parcel forwarding from Europe can help you out.

What is the solution to avoiding high retailer shipping costs?

Luckily for people living or traveling abroad, there is a solution to avoiding high retailer shipping costs. And it comes in the form of using the services of package forwarding companies. So how do they work? It is actually an extremely simple service that they offer. They provide you with a virtual UK Delivery Address that you can input into the shipping information when you buy something from a UK website, and then your purchases will be shipped to the package forwarding company’s warehouse. So, they will receive what you have ordered on your behalf. They let you know when they have received your purchases, and then they will start the process of re-shipping what you have bought, charging you for their international courier services.

How do I save on the shipping costs with a package forward company versus a retailer?

You may be asking yourself, if you have to pay shipping costs with a package forwarding company, then how is that different paying the costs the retailers charge you. One of the best services these companies offer is that they will accept multiple packages from you, and they will then repack and consolidate them together. This will help you save money on shipping, and instead of paying for ten lots of shipping costs with ten different UK retailers, you will pay one with the package forward company. Particularly at times of the year when you are buying a lot, this really makes sense.

There are many best parcel forwarding company in Europe who serve customers who want to order through UK retailers, but it is important to remember that some are better than others. Be sure to read through their small print before signing up and make sure you calculate the costs to check you really will be saving yourself money.

You can now stop worrying about how to receive goods from the UK, visit today, and use our free UK shipping address to store and forward goods to you globally.


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