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12 Dec 2018

There is nothing more aggravating than having an expectation of a package arriving at a certain time, and then not receiving it. Maybe it is a situation where you need a specific item for a presentation or to assist with your job, maybe you are giving a present to someone or you need some equipment for your home. When that item does not arrive on time, it can be infuriating.

Your Dependence Upon a Company You Can Trust

The international delivery system has become quite sophisticated over the years. No matter where you live now, you are able to hire a parcel service provider that is able to assist you in getting your package delivered to your country.

One of the biggest challenges that people often face is the fact that the business...

10 Dec 2018

In the years before online shopping and e-commerce, people living away from home in various far-flung countries had to rely on the goodwill of friends and family back home to shop and send their favorite items to them. Apart from these been shipped at high cost to them, it often takes many weeks to arrive. However, with online shopping, our world has opened up and we have all become much more connected, all over the globe. Now we can talk to each other easily through online chat and calling services, and people can also buy what they want from the stores they want, with a click of a button.

However, when it comes to online shopping there are still some issues that present themselves. Retailers often charge high prices for shipping to...

10 Dec 2018
For many of us who are living abroad, we miss certain home comforts. For US expats these could be Oreo's and Reese's Pieces, and for UK expats it could be Yorkshire tea and a pork pie! Whether it is food products or favorite high street brands, sometimes you just can't get what you need abroad. One of the regular problems people have when it comes to clothes is that globally there are very different sizing measurements and styles. These factors will vary wildly wherever you are, and sometimes you just want the ease of having your reliable UK Marks and Spencer products! It is for these people who are living, working or traveling abroad, that a package forwarding service can be a real lifeline.

How can you use a forwarding service?